A Random Act of Kindness



The Original Happy Company was born from a ‘Random act of kindness’. I didn’t realise that was what I had done at the time, but it gave me such an amazing feeling and knowing how it made the recipient feel was un-paralled.

What is a ‘Random act of kindness’?

It is when you get the opportunity to do something kind and lovely for someone else; a stranger, a friend or loved one. It’s not pre-planned, it’s not for a special occasion; it’s organic and it comes from the heart.

There are plenty of examples that don’t cost a penny and opportunities like these happen minute by minute: a smile to someone who looks like they need it, holding a door open for someone or helping somebody to carry their shopping. It starts the most amazing chain of happy events and you can create these!

The Original Happy Company provides a gifting service unlike any other; one that allows you the opportunity and inspiration to send your random act of happiness. The gifts and events are chosen and planned with love and care. Each gift is beautifully gift wrapped and attention to detail is what we pride ourselves upon.

If we performed at least one ‘Random act of kindness’ every day the world would be a brighter and happier place.

Happiness is contagious... let’s spread it!